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Selected Testimonials - Payer Course

  • “This is the most comprehensive managed care training course that I have seen in my 25+ years working the pharmaceutical industry. This course did a good job of pulling it all together. In addition you leave the course with a very through binder of all the slides as an easy reference tool. A great value for anyone who needs a thorough overview and understanding of the managed care market.”
    - VP Commercial Operations, Pharma/Biotech.
  • “Excellent course. I really liked the handouts. Very well referenced and data displayed in easy to understand ways. Several of the graphs addressed specific questions that I had.”
    - General Manager, Pharma/Biotech.
  • "Very comprehensive."
    - Senior Product Manager, Pharma/Biotech.
  • "Excellent overview of the payer space."
    - Senior Brand Payer Marketer, Pharma/Biotech
  • “Very appropriate for a new and even a seasoned account manager.”
    - Seasoned Account Management Manager, Pharma/Biotech.
  • “Great Class. One of the best training classes I have ever taken. Excellent Value.”
    - Director, Health Economics, Pharma/Biotech.
  • "Superb foundation in all principles of managed markets, health reform, measurement and contract effectiveness. Am much more knowledgeable in this area as a result. Overall, superb course."
    - Principal, Managed Markets Analytics, Large Consulting Company.
  • “We really enjoyed the managed care course and learned a lot from it. It filled in the gaps in our understanding of managed care and how everything works.”
    - Past President, Pharmaceutical Management Sciences Association, Managed Markets Consulting.
  • "This course completed many years of information into 3 days. Excellent application of payer/managed markets space with enough details to understand the landscape."
    - VP, Managed Markets Market Research, Consulting.
  • “Valuable overview of the US managed care market.”
    - Director, Pricing, Pharma/Biotech.
  • “Comprehensive Review of Managed Markets. Well Organized.”
    - Director, Medical Research & Strategy. Pharma/Biotech.
  • “A great class that provides in-depth behind the scenes look at managed care data. I also valued the different templates for analyzing the data.”
    - Senior Manager, Market Research, Pharma/Biotech.
  • “This course presented complicated material in a very approachable way.”
    – Senior Manager, Managed Care Market Research, Consulting.
  • “Very well organized overview of managed care market with strong focus on payer perspectives. Great overview of 2010 Health Reform law – it was presented well for a complex topic!”
    – Manager, Managed Care Contracting, Pharma/Biotech.

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